Featured Teardrop: Teardrops Northwest

Teardrops Northwest not only offers several different sizes and price points, but this Salem. Ore. design and build company also offers multiple interior storage, galley designs and configurations. The company sells four models: the Sashay is a 5x7 teardrop for $7,900 for the basic model; the 5x8 Sojourn for $9,500; the Sojourn Plus (which has an extra six inches in width) for $9,900; and the Epic, a 5x10 teardrop with porthole window for $10,500.

The teardrops are built with materials to withstand the Northwest U.S. climate and the chassis is made from 2x3 inch steel tubing. The interior is made from Baltic birch plywood and the doors include screened windows that come in various color choices. The company also offers three different exterior finishes and various colors.

Interior options in the trailer include several cool features. The custom articulated mattress can be folded up into a sitting area and when laid out, the sleeping area is 57 inches wide and 79 inches long. The standard interior storage area can be upgraded with two additional configurations—one including a galley pass through. They also offer a swivel drawer with shelf under the inside LED reading lights to hold small items like glasses. Both the cabin and galley have a set of 110 and 12 volt electrical outlets.

The galley designs include water tank holders and slide out storage and ice chest shelves that can double as cooking and food prep areas. On the photo below, check out the smart idea of using the bottom of a water container as a small sink or place to fill up a bowl or cup.

Photos by Teardrops Northwest

Friday Teardrop Photo

This photo was originally posted by The Press Enterprise of Southern California. It shows the home built teardrop trailer made by Christopher Walker of Hemet, Calif. The article features the Teardrop Time Gathering being held this weekend at Lake Perris. If you are in the San Bernardino or Temecula area, come see some teardrop trailers.

Photo by The Press Enterprise

Five Best Folding Tables for Teardrop Trailers

Unless you've built a custom table into your teardrop design, most teardrop trailers do not have a dining table. In fact, many teardrop trailer owners bring several tables along on trips to create a dining/food prep area that tends to be lacking in these tiny trailers.

Of course, the best types of camping tables are folding versions, but you also want them to be lightweight, easy to set up and durable. They should also be easy to clean and should not take up too much space in a tight campsite, teardrop trailer bed or vehicle trunk. These are the five best tables I've run into over the years.

Ozark Trail Fold-in-Half Grilling Camp Table

This is our personal cooking/prepping/dining table. We were looking for something that would be safe for putting our Coleman stove on as well as to use for both eating and prepping. We also wanted something very light and easy to carry. I can carry this table with one hand using the handy handle. It does take two people to unfold and set into place because of its ratcheting legs, but this table is really sturdy and has a little paper towel holder.

Alps Mountaineering Camp Table

The first time I saw this table was on a whitewater rafting trip. The guides pulled this miraculous little table out of a bag they carried on their shoulders, folded out the legs and unrolled and attached the surface of the table. It's small, but so light, you can afford to bring several of them along for food prep and dining. For their size, they are also pretty sturdy.

Available at CampSaver

Westfield Folding Table with Storage Bins

This compact, folding table not only has some great storage space, but the legs can be adjusted to four different heights. The two cloth storage containers zip up to keep food and cooking items clean.

Eureka Catskill Table

Not only is this folding table large enough to seat four people, but it also has one adjustable foot to level it on uneven ground. This table also has some storage space underneath including two bottle holsters and a paper towel rack. It also has webbing for clipping on camping tools.

Ozark Trail Aluminum Side Table

I really don't know what we would do without a few of these little aluminum tables. We've used them for roadside lunch breaks, as cocktail tables, prep tables and even as showering and bath tables. They are super light and we just keep one or two of them on the teardrop trailer bed while towing the trailer. They are indispensable for teardrop trailer traveling.

Friday Teardrop Photo

On the first day of spring, I thought I would put up this photo from Outpost Vintage + Thrift. Carolyn Felding of Ontario, Canada lives out of this colorful, 1960s era teardrop trailer during the summer and uses it as a mobile vintage clothing shop.

Photo by Outpost Vintage + Thrift

Off the Grid Rentals Rents Off-Road Teardrop Trailers

If you prefer rugged, off-road camping and don't want to buy a teardrop trailer just yet, check out Off the Grid Rentals in Orange County, Calif.  This company might be one of the only off-road teardrop trailer rental services in the U.S. and they allow you to take their teardrop trailers onto the mountain and desert backroads of this beautiful state.

Founder Nizar Najm founded Off the Grid Rentals when he could not find the appropriate rental gear for taking his children out into the California desert. This teardrop trailer, made by So Cal Teardrops, was CNC-machined to be overbuilt and the tires, body and suspension were designed to handle rough roads. The galley features a camp stove, an ARB refrigerator and plenty of storage space.

The teardrop also has a rooftop tent option by Columbus Variant for additional sleeping space. Attached to any roof rack, the tent includes a 2.5 inch foam mattress and two entrances from the side and rear. The tent is opened with internal gas rams. Along with the tent rental, you can also rent an ARB refrigerator and a generator.

The off-road teardrop trailer is rented for $170 a night and there is a two-night minimum. The roof top tent rents for $60 a night and the refrigerator for $20 a night.

You can rent directly from the company online.

Photos by Off the Grid Rentals

Friday Teardrop Photo

Here is a very messy Sunflower at last year's Burning Man. For Burning Man we have some very specific items that we bring for shade, comfort and fun. These items don't usually come with us on regular camping trips.

Both our day and night clothes are kept in storage tubs and I scored a funky mirror at a garage sale that we hang on our heavy duty shade shelter.

Yes, those are watermelons under the trailer. They stay pretty cool in the Sunflower's shade and we give away watermelon slices as gifts.

Unusual Gifts for Teardrop Trailer Lovers

For my birthday, my husband took a photo of the Sunflower and had a local artist create an illustration of my trailer with a beautiful, rustic frame. "Gladys Magnolia" aka Robin Ruybalid uses found objects and photographs and various techniques like screen printing and cross stitch to create her art. She is available for commissioned artwork if you want to see your teardrop in print.

Other artists who use teardrops as inspiration can be found on art websites like Etsy. OffTheMapArt illustrates trailers using maps, WrightsJunktiques builds trailer models out of license plate,and liltinpurse creates personalized teardrop trailer window decals.

Friday Teardrop Photo

One of my favorite teardrop interiors. This lady teardropper is a real artist.

Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Magazine January/February

The latest issue of Cool Tears and Tiny Campers is now available for viewing online. This issue features some very unique campers (including that wild pirate ship shown on the cover), a restored fiberglass U-Haul trailer, and an interview with Ted Fehrensen of So-Cal Teardrops.