What do you carry in your teardrop?

Teardrops are great, little trailers where you can carry everything that you need in a small space. However, it's best not to carry too much or you will find yourself constantly reorganizing or re-arranging your tiny trailer. Teardrops are also great because you are always packed up. We don't spend too much time packing or unpacking the teardrop trailer when we go on a camping trip. It takes us about 15-30 minutes to grab everything we need before we hit the road.

When we are out camping, people will ask me what I carry around in my teardrop. Here's a comprehensive list of what I usually keep in my teardrop all the time:

In the bed space:
fleece sheets
2 fleece blankets
1 12 volt electric car blanket
2 pillows each
1 sunflower pillow (I like to sit on this pillow on hard picnic table seats)
1 small 12 volt heater
bug spray
games (dice and UNO)
small notebook (for writing down lists and details about each camping trip)
several paperback books
water bottle
toiletry box with shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste and toothbrushes, medical kit, aspirin and Advil

In the storage area under the bed:

clothesline and clothespins
12 volt sunflower string lights
extra medical supplies
campground plug
campground plug adapter
shovel and axe
bungee cords
camping hammock
extension cord
emergency tow light kit

Clothes (my husband and I keep a small supply of clothes in the teardrop):

2 fleece sweaters
down vest
two t-shirts
two tank tops
long johns and pajama bottoms
long john top
long sleeved top
4 pairs of underwear
4 pairs of socks
warm hat and gloves

In the galley (kitchen):

Coleman stove with grill
cast iron skillet
regular skillet
coleman grill pan
pots of various sizes
2 plastic dish washing containers
dry food box
propane tank, connector stick and 2 connector hoses
2.5 gallon water container
4 kitchen towels
2 rags
2 oven mitts
2 wine glasses
4 coffee cups
1 camping French Press
2 spatulas
1 paper towel roll
salt, pepper, sugar, Italian spices and BBQ spices
4 cereal bowls
2 mixing bowls
4 metal camping plates
2 appetizer/serving plates
5-6 forks, spoons, knives
lighter and matches
dish soap and dish scrubbies
sunflower trivet
2 cutting boards

On the front grill:

Ice chest with food, and most importantly, beer

What we carry in the car:

2 camping chairs
folding camp table
Dutch Oven, lid lifter and galvianized pan to hold the coals
extra water
foldable shower screen
folding REI shelter (in case of rain)

Photo by Christina Nellemann


  1. Great list! I look forward to following your blog.

  2. Thanks for this! Hubby and I just rented a teardrop and decided we want to buy one so are reaching what we'd need. This is very handy! And, love reading your entire blog site.

    1. Good for you! Have fun with your new tear. You will learn as you go along what you constantly reach for or use.