Memorial Day Shakedown Trip

Last weekend we took off in the Sunflower (with our Stargazers friends) for our first summer teardrop getaway. Our shady campsite at Rye Patch Reservoir was only a few hours from our home which makes for a good shakedown trip.

A shakedown trip is an opportunity to get all your camping mistakes out of the way. Having the teardrop trailer tucked away for the winter will make you a little rusty in the camping department—not matter how long you've been camping. During this trip we realized what we are missing, what needs repairing and what supplies we need to stock up on.

The trip was also a nice time to enjoy our teardrops after a long, cold winter. We hiked in flooded canyons and played some late night games. We still sleep like we're dead to the world and have a few new recipes under our belts. We also ran into another teardropper with a simple trailer named the Mini GetAway.

101 Questions About T@B, T@DA and T@G Camping Trailers

The Dutchman, Little Guy and now nüCamp series of tiny campers are certainly popular, but sometimes difficult to learn much about. Richard Lewis, a former T@B owner and forum moderator has written a book that cover all portions of the campers. 101 Questions About T@B, T@DA and T@G Camping Trailers is selling for less than $5 on Google Play.

The book not only covers the latest T@B and T@G designs, but also the older campers that are no longer being made. Lewis also answers over 100 questions about the trailers including issues with electrical, plumbing, towing, weight and modifications.

Cool Tears Magazine, May 2017

The May 2017 version of Cool Tears and Tiny Campers is now available as a digital or print version. This issue has a great article on the top 10 smartphone apps for teardroppers and campers.

In addition, the magazine has an article about an epic 5,000 mile T@G teardrop trip with Elizabeth Vezina and her husband, how a teardrop build saved the life of a veteran, and a unique teardrop with a little extra room.

Teardrop Trailer for Sale: Incubate by Moksha Woodwork Designs

I recently did an interview with San Francisco based woodworker, Moksha Osgood. He builds unique campers, backyard retreats and tiny houses on wheels as well as prototypes of buildings for displaced Bay Area residents.

One of his designs, Incubate, is for sale and the sale of this teardrop-like camper will help fund additional prototypes of Moksha's dwellings for the unhoused. Incubate is 78 square feet, 2,680 lb. and is tall enough to stand up in. The structure is built on a 12 foot long Carson utility trailer and has an interesting, redwood canopy frame that can be disassembled during travel.

Moksha says he was inspired by both teardrop trailers and Japanese design and aesthetics while building Incubate.

The exterior is cover with a mix of salvaged and new redwood and cedar siding as well as 26 gauge galvanized metal sheets. The interior is accessed with Douglas Fir French doors and redwood steps.

The interior has an Atwood two-burner stove, a sink with a gravity fed faucet, four LED lights and a maple wood kitchen counter with maple cabinets. The sofa folds out into a full size bed and there are two storage cabinets behind the sofa. The interior is paneled with Douglas fir.

This one of a kind standy camper is for sale for $19,000.

Photos by Moksha Woodwork Designs