Featured Teardrop: New Wave Teardrop

If you have been shopping around for a new teardrop trailer, but are put off by higher prices, check out New Wave Teardrops in Bainbridge, Georgia. This small company builds standard 4x8 and 5x8 teardrop trailers with a basic galley or without a galley at all. They range in price from $2,750 to $3,950.

The standard New Wave models have single 26x36” doors (to keep the cost down even more) and a single window. The exterior is covered with sheet aluminum, aluminum windows, aluminum door units and aluminum molding for low maintenance and a rust free unit. The interior has sheet vinyl for easy clean up, the walls are birch wood with clear sealer and the ceiling is white fiberglass. LED lights are standard with two mounted on the interior ceiling and one mounted on the exterior above the door. 

Air conditioning units actually come standard with this brand (being from the South ;-)) and they each have a 120 power strip in the floor. All units have a spare tire mounted between tongue rails under front and mesh mounted between rails for hauling cargo. Mattresses do not come with these trailers.

Options for the New Wave include extra doors, tongue box, tire upgrades, a fold down counter top extension for the galley, a coaxial plug, front jack wheel, roof rack or a nifty outside table.

You can request a quote for several model designs and view a comparison chart of the two sizes on the New Wave website.

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