Teardrop Gear: Throw Pillow

There are several items that we have come to depend on when teardrop camping. Our trusty Coleman stove/grill, our Luci light and even our trailer levelers come out on top, but I never thought that one of the most useful camping items would be my sunflower throw pillow.

I only bought the pillow because it had a sunflower on it, but after camping with it for several years I realized it's a handy (and comfy) tool to have in the teardrop.

1. It's perfect for reading
A throw pillow gives you an extra bit of comfort for your head while lying down in a teardrop bed to read or watch a movie.

2. Use it as a hiding place
I've used the pillow cover to stash a book or my iPad or phone.

3. Picnic benches are hard
The throw pillow comes in handy when sitting for hours at a campground picnic table. It's also nice to have it for your camp chair.

4. No teddy bear needed
When sleeping in the trailer, it helps to have something to hug. The pillow works in lieu of a teddy bear...or a spouse.

5. Minimal decor
Right away most people get the theme of my trailer from just glancing at the pillow. I don't have to hit them over the head with sunflower decor.

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  1. I know I can do it and have ideas on how to make it easier to deal with in the future though I hope I don’t have another winter like this one!