Monday, January 11, 2016

Review: Luci Solar Light

In  my last video on our teardrop trailer interior shelf, I mentioned that we use the Luci Solar Lantern for some of our exterior camp lighting. Like the Little Sun solar light, the company who makes the Luci, MPowered, also provides the lights to people in developing countries. Unlike the Little Sun who claims to provide lights for every one purchased, customers are given the option to purchase one or more of the Luci lights to someone in need.

The Luci is a solar powered, compact and inflatable light that never needs batteries. It has a little handle and can be used as a flashlight, a table light, for emergencies or as mood lighting. There are several versions including the Luci Color, Luci Lux with a warm glow and the original camping and outdoor versions.

We use our Luci as lighting for our picnic table while eating in the dark, as a side table light when we sit by the fire and (most useful of all) as a flashlight for nightly camp toilet visits. I like that the Luci is light and easy to carry. The Little Sun lamp has a stronger flashlight, but the Luci is easier to hang on a tree or a hook and use as a table light.

The Luci does conveniently compress for easy storage and while you sometimes need to blow into the mouth nozzle to inflate it, sometimes all I do is pull on the handle and it inflates by itself. The batteries can last up to 12 hours, but I've seen our little light still on and working far into the next morning.

Photos by MPowered/Luci


  1. Love our luci light! Had it for 2 years. Gave one to each of our adult kids for christmas this year. They are great for grandkids cuase the can drop them without breaking.

    1. I think your Luci was the first one I saw. :-) Yes, I really like how light and fun it is to carry. The different light levels are nice too.