Off to IRG I Go

In a few days I'll be heading off to the Fifth International Redwood Gathering. The IRG is held every other year in Pamplin Grove in Humboldt County, California—land of the majestic redwood trees. The IRG might be one of the largest gatherings of teardrop trailers in the West and seems to get larger very time it's held.

The gathering is put on by Dean and Joanie of the Outdoor Cast Iron Cooking YouTube channel and there are sure to be many great cooks in the vicinity. I'm in danger of gaining a few pounds on the trip. I will also be chatting with several teardroppers including Stacey Tamaki and her Glampette.

Photo by Redwood Hikes

Friday Teardrop Photo

 Okay, I lied. This is not a teardrop trailer...but the person who designed and built this Camper Chopper deserves some recognition.

Cool Tears Magazine (May/June)

The May/June issue of Cool Tears is now out and available as both a PDF and a print version. The online version is free. The print version costs $6.60 for each issue, but you also get the digital version with that price. This issue features an in-depth look at the new Little Guy T@G teardrop trailer, a 1947 Kit restoration and the types of tiny trailers featured at the RV Hall of Fame. It's about time they got some recognition!

Long, Long Honeymoon Meetup in Marrakech

I'm finally back from my long trip to Spain and Morocco. It was a true adventure with lots of tapas and Spanish cider, camel treks, crazy Moroccan drivers and souks, but I'm glad to be back in time for camping season. On our travels through Marrakech we were so lucky (and stunned) to run into fellow campers and travelers, Sean and Kristy Michael of the Long, Long Honeymoon blog and video series.

Sean and Kristy have traveled and camped around the entire country in their Airstream Classic and their video series is one of my favorites on the Web. While their aluminum trailer is much larger and more luxurious than a teardrop trailer, their videos on their love of camping, the outdoors and their helpful tips are entertaining, detailed and beautifully filmed. In fact, it was their videos of Grand Teton that inspired us to stay in the same campground.

Photo courtesy of Sean and Kristy Michael