Featured Teardrop Trailer: Serro Scotty Lite

The Serro Scotty name is synonymous with classic American camping trailers. The company now has a retro style teardrop trailer called the Serro Scotty Lite. This 960 lb. camping trailer can be towed by four-cylinder vehicles and features the classic Scotty decals. However, it does not include the classic teardrop galley. Everything is self-contained inside the living area.

The trailer is made of industrial grade .040 aluminum with baked on paint residential grade vinyl flooring and American birch wood. The interior includes a couch that opens up into a queen bed a Fantastic Fan, three opening windows, two interior lights, cooler, five gallon water tank, portable toilet, window valences and shades. A simple shelf is located above the bed for storing items and two cubbies are located under the couch for the potty and other gear.

Other standard features on the Serro Scotty Lite include:
  • Exterior porch light
  • City water hook
  • 13” heavy-duty trailer radial tires
  • Baby moon hubcaps
  • Marine battery
  • 7-way plug in cord
  • Two rear stabilizer crank jacks

A factory direct Serro Scotty Lite costs $9,995 with additional options like electric brakes($350), A/C ($250), and a spare tire ($150).

Photos by Serro Scotty and Randy's Trailer Town

Friday Teardrop Photo

The Sunflower and the Stargazers teardrop trailer (with a nice set of Tibetan prayer flags) set up camp near the entrance to Yosemite National Park. Because of the uneven ground, chocks and rocks came in handy.

Four Ways to Plan for Your 2016 National Park Trip

This year marks the centennial of the National Park Service and parks all over the U.S. will be offering opportunities for visitors to learn more and be inspired by "America's Best Idea." Most likely many of us teardroppers will be visiting at least one National Park this year and here are five ways you can plan for your upcoming trip.

WATCH: "Rock the Park"

Rock the Park is a TV series (currently showing on Netflix and Hulu) featuring two enthusiastic young men tackling the backcountry of our nation's National Parks. They do everything from whitewater rafting and rock climbing to learning about how Yellowstone National Park recycles waste. While you might not want to go everywhere they do, their energy and the scenery is infectious.

LISTEN: NPR Road Trips: National Park Adventures: Stories That Take You Away 

NPR's Road Trips Series takes the excellent reporting of NPR into story formats that cover any type of road trip you can imagine. The National Park Adventures CD tells the stories you don't normally read about in guidebooks. The CD also cover lesser known parks.

ORGANIZE: Build Your Trip with Recreation.gov

Recreation.gov has a Beta version of their Build a Trip planner where you can discover and reserve camping, lodging, permits and tours at the National Parks, National Forests, monuments and public lands. You can add each location to your trip planner. You will need a Recreation.gov login and password.

FOCUS: National Geographic Illustrated Trail Maps

Nothing gives you a better view of a National Park than its hiking and walking trails. Be prepared for these trails with a waterproof National Geographic trail map. You can choose from illustrated maps that show trails, roads and landmarks or topographic maps for more experienced hikers. All proceeds from the sale of these maps are donated to the National Geographic Society.

Review: Luci Solar Light

In  my last video on our teardrop trailer interior shelf, I mentioned that we use the Luci Solar Lantern for some of our exterior camp lighting. Like the Little Sun solar light, the company who makes the Luci, MPowered, also provides the lights to people in developing countries. Unlike the Little Sun who claims to provide lights for every one purchased, customers are given the option to purchase one or more of the Luci lights to someone in need.

The Luci is a solar powered, compact and inflatable light that never needs batteries. It has a little handle and can be used as a flashlight, a table light, for emergencies or as mood lighting. There are several versions including the Luci Color, Luci Lux with a warm glow and the original camping and outdoor versions.

We use our Luci as lighting for our picnic table while eating in the dark, as a side table light when we sit by the fire and (most useful of all) as a flashlight for nightly camp toilet visits. I like that the Luci is light and easy to carry. The Little Sun lamp has a stronger flashlight, but the Luci is easier to hang on a tree or a hook and use as a table light.

The Luci does conveniently compress for easy storage and while you sometimes need to blow into the mouth nozzle to inflate it, sometimes all I do is pull on the handle and it inflates by itself. The batteries can last up to 12 hours, but I've seen our little light still on and working far into the next morning.

Photos by MPowered/Luci

Friday Teardrop Photo

This photo is from Trekker Trailers in Florida. While this teardrop trailer looks like it should be from the 1940s, it is actually custom made to look like a post World War II camper —complete with a pop-top.

Featured Teardrop Trailer: TigerMoth

Anyone interested in the Cricket trailer by Taxa will be happy to know that the company will have its new teardrop trailer style camper, the TigerMoth, available at the beginning of 2016.

This lightweight trailer is only 900 lb. and 12 feet long. Created by Taxa founder and former NASA designer Garret Finney, the trailer looks like a tiny space capsule ready for outdoor adventure.

The trailer has a convertible couch that turns into a bed for two and instead of a galley, it has a 48 inch slide out drawer that holds the Taxa designed kitchen box with a stove, storage and a simple water container with spigot. The TigerMoth has a battery and electricity, but is not plumbed for water.

The roof of the TigerMoth can hold gear like kayaks and bikes, the interior has plenty of storage including ceiling nets and two doors (including a fly door for outdoor shelter) that open up to create plenty of airflow. The tongue is also extended to hold additional camping gear and an optional tool box.

The TigerMoth will be sold at various dealers around the U.S. and will start at $12,999.

Photos by Taxa and Mount Comfort RV

Friday Teardrop Photo

This photo is courtesy of Larry Shank and the Shank Family (profiled on Petrolicious), and Larry's father's red Willys CJ-2A Jeep and Kenskill teardrop trailer. The adventures of this family and their Jeep/trailer combo will have you wanting to head out onto the same dirt roads.

Here's to a great 2016 and plenty of adventure!