Friday Teardrop Photo

The Sunflower and the Stargazers teardrop trailer (with a nice set of Tibetan prayer flags) set up camp near the entrance to Yosemite National Park. Because of the uneven ground, chocks and rocks came in handy.


  1. Hi, Christina, love your blog! Got a question: have you or any other teardroppers you know ever boondocked at a Walmart or truck stop? Hubby and I are contemplating a cross country trek, Los Angeles to Michigan this fall, in our NestEgg teardrop. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Thank you Julie! Yes, I have stopped overnight at a Walmart, but never a truck stop. I know that Stacie Tamaki, owner of the Glampette, has stayed at truck stops in her travels. You can find her blog under "I Found the Place". The best tips actually come from my Airstream friends, Sean and Kristy of the Long Long Honeymoon video series. They have a great video on camping at Walmart. It's not my favorite thing to do since the parking lots can be noisy, but I would like to try a truck stop one of these days.