How do you change your clothes in a teardrop?

One of the biggest issues that teardrop campers have is changing clothes in a teardrop trailer. I've been slightly successful at putting on my underwear and tops while inside the trailer, but pants are more of a struggle. I usually wiggle into my jeans while lying down on the bed and then open up the door, step out to pull them up the rest of the way and zip up my zipper. It's not the most elegant way to put on pants, and some camping neighbors have gotten a nice view of my undies early in the morning.

Over the years, I've seen an interesting variety of screens and changing rooms made or purchased by other teardroppers. Some are attached to the top of the teardrop trailer and some are freestanding. It's most efficient and convenient to have a changing area right outside a teardrop door.

Here are a few ideas from the T&TTT forum and around the interwebs on how to get a little privacy while dressing and camping in a teardrop trailer:

A simple shower curtain on a rod can work if there is no wind. (Photo by boomboomtulum)

This awning is attached with bolts to the top of the trailer. (Photo by gage)

This could be great for changing clothes, hiding a porta-potty or as a dog house. (Photo by Tiny Camper) 

If you are interested in this type of teardrop trailer awning, you can visit the website of Marti Domyancic and her husband Bob. They make custom fabric awnings and shades for new and vintage trailers at their company in Northern California. (Photo by gage)

I've sometimes used our shower pop-up tent to change clothes. (Photo by oasismaker)

This is a brilliant, little setup using PVC pipe. (Photo by oklahomajewel)

This changing area creates wonderful shade. (Photo by toypusher)

Top photo by Wood  N' Mirror


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  2. Where do you keep your clothes in a teardrop? I am considering living in a teardrop full-time, not camping, and this is one of my concerns.

    1. Hello limitedblogger. We have a small cabinet above the bed where we keep our clothes. If you watch the faircompanies video located in the right sidebar, you will see where we keep them and how big they are. However, I have seen teardrops with much larger "closets" that can fit a lot more clothes.

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  3. Alvin TimsJune 17, 2015 at 4:09 AM
    I have been thinking I selling all my worldly possessions (except my pickup bc I'm going to need it to pull the teardrop) and buying one of these. Work is no concern bc I'm a fulltime blogger. I look forward to traveling the country side with my camper. Do you have any suggestions on the amount "stuff" to actually pack in your camper/truck?

    1. Hello Alvin. That sounds like a brave and fun plan! I know a lot of people who have done the same thing and they all require different "stuff".

      My goal for packing up our car is to always be able to see outside the back window. I can't stand having too much stuff in the vehicle and I want it organized. I have seen some teardrop vehicles packed to the max and I don't know how people find anything. That would drive me crazy. I think it will depend on what your personal needs are and how you feel about clutter.

      If you are going to live in it full-time I would also suggest getting a teardrop with plenty of storage in the galley, under the bed and in the cabinets.

      Be mobile and streamlined...

  4. The teardrop in the picture with the pop up shower tent looks to be wider than most other ones that I have seen. What kind of trailer is that?

  5. Hi all I have an older home built Tear drop and I have some leaking problems the piano hinge on the tail gate leaks real bad into the kitchen area and the doors leak onto the bed when I am driving. I was wondering if anyone else experienced these problems and how you fixed them? I was thinking of buying three m tape to put over the hinge? I tried window and door weather striping around the doors and it just bunches up when I shut them still leaking?