Friday Teardrop Photo

Harry cooking up some marinated chicken in the back of the Sunflower.
Taken at Convict Lake, California (can you guess now that it's one of our favorite spots?)


  1. Hi Chiristina: I just got a request on my blog from one of my readers and I'm passing it along:

    Gary in BamaFebruary 17, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    hey sixbear i need a favor ask christine on the yellow teardrop blog to add name/url to her comment as line.I am a tearjerker and would like to thank her for a lot of her work posting great pics and posts.Have fun in the sun.MY wife picked up the atlas last nite i may get to head south myself for a week;]

    1. Thanks Sixbears and Gary for the comments. Gary, what's "the atlas"? :-)