Teardrop Trailer Food

When teardrop camping, we have a tendency to bring along the same types of food. This is really because we have limited storage space and usually we want to spend our time outside hiking, kayaking or enjoying other outdoor sports. We don't want to spend our time figuring out new recipes. So we have gotten into the habit of bringing along our favorite things every time we head into the hills.

Most of our dinners are cooked in a dutch oven which goes hand-in-hand with teardrop camping, and which I will cover in a future post. However, a lot of our meals are also cooked over the propane stove or over the campfire, and because we've been out and about all day our favorite foods and drinks tend to be high in calories.

Our camping standbys are:


Bagels (toasted on the stove or over the fire) and cream cheese
Orange juice
Eggs (sometimes mixed with cheese or sweet peppers)
Pancake mix and syrup

Lunch (usually eaten on a trail or on a kayak beach)

Tortillas (we love quesadillas with turkey or ham)
Bread and cold cuts
Tunafish salad
Apples and oranges

Happy Hour 

Tortilla chips and salsa
Hummus and veggies
Crackers and goat cheese

Pre-mixed margaritas (and a few limes)
Beer with twist caps
Wine with twist caps


Various dutch oven meals (stews or pizza are our favorites)
BBQ Chicken
Steamed veggies in aluminum foil on the fire
Grilled veggies 


Jiffy Pop popcorn
Roasted Marshmallows or S'mores
Hot Chocolate
Dutch oven brownies or upside down pineapple/peach cake

No matter what we bring, it always tastes much better out in the fresh air.

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