The Sunflower on Faircompanies

The amazing filmmaker, Kirsten Dirksen of Faircompanies, recently wrapped up a video of me and the Sunflower. From some random footage and soundbites, she created a wonderful little vignette about teardrop trailers. I've been a huge fan of Kirsten's work for several years now and it's an honor that she wanted to do a video on my tiny yellow trailer.

If you are interested in this video, check out her video on Kyle and Jeannie's Homemade Spaceship. They built a very interesting teardrop that they lived in for about a year before settling down in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I think it's one of my favorite videos on the Web.

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  1. Christine,
    Wanted to thank you for your blog and for sharing this video. I have been blogging about my 1947 Tourette Teardrop Trailer that I've been restoring. Reading your blog and watching this video has me so jazzed up about actually getting to camp in mine. Thanks for all this wonderfulness!


    p.s. Here's my blog: