Five Best Teardrop Beds

There are really only two main living parts to a teardrop trailer: the galley and the bed. The bed is where you can really create a special look for your teardrop trailer as well as the place you want to make soft and comfortable. It's also the place where you are most likely going to be storing your clothes, personal and bath items, books and other entertainment. Organization in the bed area is key so that you don't find yourself sleeping with your clothes, books, iPad or hiking gear.

Here are the five best teardrop trailer beds I have found over the years that utilize both beauty and functionality in a darn small space.

This darling bed was in the teardrop formerly owned by my friend, Kay (Kayperkay on TNTTT). Her teardrop was so wide that the bed ran along the short edge of the teardrop.  She was actually able to have room inside her bedroom for a closet. I always loved the boudoir look of her bed.

This is the bed of the L'il Bear rental teardrop by Vacations in a Can.
I especially love the adjustable, personal reading lights.

The Big Woody Teardrop company has some great styling with their teardrop beds. Their storage cabinets are huge and you can even fit a small child in a bunk bed at the foot of the bed.

The beautiful new Vistabule teardrop by the Minnesota Teardrop Trailer company has one of the most functional interiors I've seen in such a tiny trailer. The bed can be folded up into a couch and you can eat inside the bed area. There is tons of storage and some great windows.

This is a screen shot from a news piece on the teardrop trailer built by Mary and Myron of North Dakota. Their bed area is small, but has always been one of my favorites: from the handmade quilt to the beautiful, custom cabinetry, this teardrop deserves the attention is got.

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