The Sunflower is Sold

The Sunflower, my teardrop trailer for over 10 years has gone to its new home. A local couple with a Jeep with a nearly matching paint color fell in love with her and wanted to make her their new camping rig. I'm so happy that she found a home with someone who will have as much fun with her as we did.

I will admit I was very sad to see her go and nearly ran after the new owners as they towed her out of my driveway. However, it is time to move on and enjoy the new trailer, Wonky Donkey. In fact, he and I are heading down to Arizona this week.

So, what will I miss the most about the teardrop trailer? Here's a small list of some of our best times:

1. I'll miss waking up to a tiny compartment heated just with body heat. Yes, it's that small.
2. I'll miss some of our most memorable trips. These include Glacier National Park, Valley of Fire, and Burning Man.
3. I'll miss how easy a teardrop trailer is to hitch up and tow as well as its lower profile.
4. I'll miss its big, tough tires and the dirt roads we've been down.
5. I'll miss how familiar I was with her and knew where everything was.

What will I not miss? Here you go:

1. I won't miss having to skip camping because of high winds or storms. In windy areas, teardrop trailers don't do as well.
2. I won't miss always getting stopped at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants for a quick tour.
3. I won't miss having to pay for two trailer registrations.
4. I won't miss only being able to cook outside. While I love cooking outside, it is nice to have a protected area to cook up some quick soup or eggs.
5. I won't miss having to back up a tiny trailer that really loves to jacknife.