10 Clever Teardrop Ideas

Another reason to check out a teardrop trailer gathering is to get up close and personal with the many clever ideas that teardroppers think up. From interesting storage techniques to ingenious ways to use hardware, teardroppers need to think outside the big white box in order to have a comfortable (and creative) camping experience. In addition, sometimes these ideas are just plain fun.


These ideas include everything from outdoor tables that do double duty as storage, smart garbage bag, paper and cloth towel holders, pretty storage and door shelters, mason jar lighting, and (my personal favorite) a beaded curtain that separates the galley serving area from the bed area.


  1. These are great! I don't have a photo to share, but have found that a Sportbrella XL is the right height to just overlap the top of my teardrop (yet rest on the ground) so I can leave the window open when it rains. Cozy.

    1. Thanks ML. I've seen the Sportbrella being used as a teardrop door cover as well. I love it when teardroppers hang curtains from them.