Featured Teardrop: Micro-Lite Trailers

The goal of the Micro-Lite trailer company is to design and build teardrop trailers and sport trailers that don’t need to be towed by a huge truck or SUV. In fact, they even build trailers that can be hauled around by golf carts, motorcycles and ATVs.

The futuristic designs function for different types of fun. The most “teardrop-like” of all their products is the nearly 10 foot long Wazat II. This trailer has all aluminum construction and only comes in at 670 lb.

The heavier Car-Go Lite and Car-Go Lite Xtreme are open floorplans that can store motorcycles, scooters and other larger toys. There is no bed in the Car-Go Lite and Xtreme, but there is a kitchen in the rear with an optional microwave and AC. The Xtreme has a larger cargo area for golf carts and 4-wheelers.

The smallest design is the Twist TR7. This 440 lb. camping trailer is small enough to be towed by a motorcycle and has a rear entrance, all aluminum construction and a 110V/12V battery.

Micro-Lite offers several other non-teardrop trailers including the 400 lb. P’Up tent trailer (currently being redesigned) and the 1,500 lb. Vymeron standy camper that includes a bunk and space to haul motorcyles and other two-wheeled toys.

Photos by Micro-Lite Trailers

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