Interview with Trailer Rental Company: Links Teardrops

Charles Link runs Southern California’s original teardrop trailer rental service. They currently rent a Little Guy Classic 5-Wide teardrop trailer and a 5x8 Hiker Off Road teardrop trailer. Charles was kind to give us a little insight into the teardrop rental business and his trailers.

How did you get into renting out teardrop trailers?

I first purchased a 1960 Canned Ham style trailer to restore and offer as a rental but then after the restoration was completed I decided that it was too nice and delicate to rent out. I then thought that a small trailer that was also good looking would be a great thing to offer to fellow campers to get people up and off the ground while camping. This is where the teardrop came into the picture.

Who rents your trailers?

Most of our renters are people who are looking to either build or buy a teardrop and there are the occasional couples who just want a single getaway in something small and easy to tow.

What is the response to the teardrop from newbie renters?

They all seem to love how easy they are to tow and how comfortable they can be. I'd say about 99.5 % of new renters love the trailers and have a great time.

What other amenities do you offer with your rentals?

Currently we only offer the campers themselves, but we are working on some additional ideas to add to both models that we have.

What should people keep in mind when looking to rent a teardrop trailer?

They are easy to tow, simple to maneuver and it's much cheaper to rent than to buy.

What should companies or individuals do to prepare to rent out their own trailer?

You must have a very open schedule, or work close to home. Be ready to handle repairs, maintenance, cleaning, storage, and lots of questions. 
Do you camp in a teardrop and where do you like to go?

Yes, we do and one of the reasons for having them available is to use them ourselves. Ever since our first teardrop purchase we haven't slept in a tent. It feels like you’re in a small cabin all to yourself. We go anywhere from Joshua Tree, Idyllwild, Big Sur, Pismo Beach, San Diego, Ojai and many other beautiful places here in Southern California.

Links Teardrops can be reserved on their Facebook page. They have a two-night minimum on all their trailer rentals. The 2016 Hiker 5x8 lifted off road trailer rents for $95 a night with a two night minimum. The 5-Wide Classic Little Guy rents for $75 a night with a two night minimum.

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