Featured Teardrop: Weis Craft Trailers

If you are looking for a very lightweight fiberglass camping trailer, but not necessarily a classic teardrop trailer, Weis Craft Trailers in Colorado have several options. All their camping trailers can be towed with 4 or 6 cylinder vehicles and cost less than $10,000.

Weis Craft's options include the 1,100 lbs. Little Joe that includes two long couches that become a bed, a sink and stove on the interior and a six gallon fresh water tank. The 1,480 lbs. Ponderosa is a bit longer than the Little Joe to accommodate a stowaway shower and toilet.

The Roughneck is more of a teardrop trailer shape with a bed that is placed on the floor, it's only 500 lbs. and includes an aluminum roof rack. It may be a little low for campers used to traditional teardrop shapes.

Weis Craft Trailers can be custom built or purchased directly from the company.

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