Camping in the Sunflower

We have camped in a multitude of places with the Sunflower. Some of our favorite spots have been in Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah. The Eastern Sierras, the Nevada desert, Death Valley, Lake Tahoe, the California Coast, southern Utah and Crater Lake have ranked as having some of the best campgrounds around...and the spots fit a teardrop trailer perfectly.

Ocean Cove, California

Hickison Petroglyphs State Park, Nevada

Twin Lakes, California

Twin Lakes, California

Crater Lake, Oregon

Lower Blue Lake, California


  1. Where did you buy and how much was this camper?

    1. Hi. If you read my first post you will learn more about how I got my trailer. I purchased the trailer from a private dealer in Florida. He was getting rid of the last of his supply before shutting down the teardrop portion of his business. These types of trailers normally go for around $8,000 to $10,000, but I paid $4,000 for mine. I paid another $1,000 to have it shipped to me in Nevada.

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