The Pros and Cons of a Teardrop Trailer

When fellow campers approach me and my teardrop camper, many of them will ask why I chose to get a teardrop rather than a "regular RV." One of the main reasons I chose a teardrop was for its ability to be towed behind nearly any kind of car. I didn't want to have to get a large truck or SUV just to go camping. Also, I was drawn to the cuteness factor of the teardrop.

So I got to thinking about the other pros and cons of owning a teardrop. After talking with a few other teardroppers, these seem to be the pros and cons that pop up the most:


When you drive into a campground, everyone looks at you (this can also be a con)
I get a lot of smiles when I pass people on the road
Since teardrops are so small, you get to spend most of your time outside
Your bed is always made
You can cook and eat outside
You can hook them up with very little effort or strength
Teardrop gatherings and other teardroppers


During rain or wind storms, cooking is no fun
It's difficult to get dressed in the bed area
You always get approached by someone when you've just woken up
Lack of space for clothes
Hauling bags of ice into the ice chest
Most teardrop camping has to be done in warmer weather or climates

Photo by TJfromAZ


  1. I can't help but notice that two of your cons are irrelevant when camping at a nudist campground. No need to bring many clothes, and no need to wiggle around to get them on before leaving the teardrop.

  2. With a large enough canopy to back under you could eliminate a couple of your cons. I love tear drops, can't wait to build one myself. I love your truck-tear drop combo. My dream is a cobalt blue '55 Chevy Apache PU with matching tear.