Off the Grid Rentals Rents Off-Road Teardrop Trailers

If you prefer rugged, off-road camping and don't want to buy a teardrop trailer just yet, check out Off the Grid Rentals in Orange County, Calif.  This company might be one of the only off-road teardrop trailer rental services in the U.S. and they allow you to take their teardrop trailers onto the mountain and desert backroads of this beautiful state.

Founder Nizar Najm founded Off the Grid Rentals when he could not find the appropriate rental gear for taking his children out into the California desert. This teardrop trailer, made by So Cal Teardrops, was CNC-machined to be overbuilt and the tires, body and suspension were designed to handle rough roads. The galley features a camp stove, an ARB refrigerator and plenty of storage space.

The teardrop also has a rooftop tent option by Columbus Variant for additional sleeping space. Attached to any roof rack, the tent includes a 2.5 inch foam mattress and two entrances from the side and rear. The tent is opened with internal gas rams. Along with the tent rental, you can also rent an ARB refrigerator and a generator.

The off-road teardrop trailer is rented for $170 a night and there is a two-night minimum. The roof top tent rents for $60 a night and the refrigerator for $20 a night.

You can rent directly from the company online.

Photos by Off the Grid Rentals

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  1. I would love to rent some off road vehicles and trailers this summer. I've never done this before. It would give my family something different to do. We would have a lot of fun times and make some good memories.