Featured Teardrop: Teardrops Northwest

Teardrops Northwest not only offers several different sizes and price points, but this Salem. Ore. design and build company also offers multiple interior storage, galley designs and configurations. The company sells four models: the Sashay is a 5x7 teardrop for $7,900 for the basic model; the 5x8 Sojourn for $9,500; the Sojourn Plus (which has an extra six inches in width) for $9,900; and the Epic, a 5x10 teardrop with porthole window for $10,500.

The teardrops are built with materials to withstand the Northwest U.S. climate and the chassis is made from 2x3 inch steel tubing. The interior is made from Baltic birch plywood and the doors include screened windows that come in various color choices. The company also offers three different exterior finishes and various colors.

Interior options in the trailer include several cool features. The custom articulated mattress can be folded up into a sitting area and when laid out, the sleeping area is 57 inches wide and 79 inches long. The standard interior storage area can be upgraded with two additional configurations—one including a galley pass through. They also offer a swivel drawer with shelf under the inside LED reading lights to hold small items like glasses. Both the cabin and galley have a set of 110 and 12 volt electrical outlets.

The galley designs include water tank holders and slide out storage and ice chest shelves that can double as cooking and food prep areas. On the photo below, check out the smart idea of using the bottom of a water container as a small sink or place to fill up a bowl or cup.

Photos by Teardrops Northwest


  1. I visited Teardrops NW recently and was generally impressed. The drawers under the countertop add significant storage to the galley, and the powder coating looks great and will probably hold up well. However, their lower-end cabinets seem of lower quality than others. My biggest issue is the 50% up-sell to include the features that most would need/want, things like brakes, spare tire/mount, tongue box, Fantastic fan, electrical hook-ups, and those under-counter drawers. At that elevated price, the quality isn't in the same league as the Cadillac teardrops. It might be more accurate to say that the prices listed are all for base models of different sizes.

    1. Thank you so much for your input Tom. Yes, you can see the base prices and the cost for specific options here: http://teardropsnw.com/prices