Five Best Folding Tables for Teardrop Trailers

Unless you've built a custom table into your teardrop design, most teardrop trailers do not have a dining table. In fact, many teardrop trailer owners bring several tables along on trips to create a dining/food prep area that tends to be lacking in these tiny trailers.

Of course, the best types of camping tables are folding versions, but you also want them to be lightweight, easy to set up and durable. They should also be easy to clean and should not take up too much space in a tight campsite, teardrop trailer bed or vehicle trunk. These are the five best tables I've run into over the years.

Ozark Trail Fold-in-Half Grilling Camp Table

This is our personal cooking/prepping/dining table. We were looking for something that would be safe for putting our Coleman stove on as well as to use for both eating and prepping. We also wanted something very light and easy to carry. I can carry this table with one hand using the handy handle. It does take two people to unfold and set into place because of its ratcheting legs, but this table is really sturdy and has a little paper towel holder.

Alps Mountaineering Camp Table

The first time I saw this table was on a whitewater rafting trip. The guides pulled this miraculous little table out of a bag they carried on their shoulders, folded out the legs and unrolled and attached the surface of the table. It's small, but so light, you can afford to bring several of them along for food prep and dining. For their size, they are also pretty sturdy.

Available at CampSaver

Westfield Folding Table with Storage Bins

This compact, folding table not only has some great storage space, but the legs can be adjusted to four different heights. The two cloth storage containers zip up to keep food and cooking items clean.

Eureka Catskill Table

Not only is this folding table large enough to seat four people, but it also has one adjustable foot to level it on uneven ground. This table also has some storage space underneath including two bottle holsters and a paper towel rack. It also has webbing for clipping on camping tools.

Ozark Trail Aluminum Side Table

I really don't know what we would do without a few of these little aluminum tables. We've used them for roadside lunch breaks, as cocktail tables, prep tables and even as showering and bath tables. They are super light and we just keep one or two of them on the teardrop trailer bed while towing the trailer. They are indispensable for teardrop trailer traveling.


  1. Or this one from Mountain Summit, available at REI Outlet.

    1. I love that design! It's compact yet still has lots of prep space. You gotta love REI. Thank you for the suggestion.

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    3. REI discontinued item in the link above, AMAZON still sells it

  2. I like T.V. tray tables and an old tri fold buffet table. Cheep at yard sales and fold down smaller than most others .

    1. Thanks Gary. Yes, if you can find retro TV trays, they seem to be sturdier than TV trays sold in stores now.

  3. Ares Adjustable Folding Table from Bizarkdeal

    Love this folding table! It is as sturdy as a short step ladder. Not that I'd recommend it for that use, of course,,, but just comparing the strengths. It is just the right height and has three heights that are easily adjusted to. No assembly required. The It is very light yet so strong. You could use it for different things. Use it as a preparation table while grilling, as a TV tray even for two small people. I can recommend to others very easily. It is a great little table and so much more! A solid product!