Featured Teardrop: Nest Egg Trailers

Several people have asked me if a teardrop trailer can be towed by a Prius or other hybrid car. There was never anything on the market (except the Little Guy Rascal), but these new lightweight teardrops may be just what hybrid drivers are looking for. The Nest Egg Trailers are super lightweight, weighing in at a dry weight of only 700 pounds.

Nest Eggs are made of 100 percent composite materials and do not contain any wood. They are 100 percent waterproof and if they get dirty on the inside, you can just hose them out. They contain a queen size bed, a galley with a sink and a roll-out work surface, a 9 gallon fresh water tank and a 9 gallon waste water tank, a smart built-in ice chest, double skylights and interior cabinets.

The basic model costs $8,995 and additional options include carpet, a shower tent, a mattress, heating and air conditioning, a power pack and USB and 110 volt plugs.


  1. That's a great small trailer....Our 5X10 Benroy is heavier and I can wheel it to the hitch...this one would be a dream! Where are they made?

  2. is this still available? is there a breaking system