The Funniest Things I've Heard About My Teardrop

Teardrop trailers get some interesting reactions. The majority of the time, people are really nice and enthusiastic about my tiny trailer and tell me stories about their own small campers or a teardrop that their parents once had. But once in a while, I get the odd comment or question that really makes me laugh:

"Is that for your dog?"

"You don't really sleep in that, do you?"

"It looks like a coffin."

"My wife would kill me if I made her sleep in that."

 "My husband would kill me if I made him sleep in that."

 "Can you tow it with a bike."

"It's perfect for my Labrador."

"Can I buy it from you now."

Photo from Sport


  1. Those are funny!

    One tear drop owner told me he was stopped by a cop in GA -not for anything wrong, cop just wanted a better look at his tear drop. Thought it was cool.

    1. LOL! That's great. I've had cops wave at me and I hope they think it's so cute that they WON'T pull me over.