Nevada Teardrop Camping: Virginia City

The Sunflower and the Stargazers teardrop crew took off last weekend and went up to Virginia City in the mountains above Reno, Nev. to attend the High Desert Steam Steampunk Ball and do some ghost hunting. Again we used our teardrops as hotel rooms for a special event.

The ghost hunting was unsuccessful, but we were able to enjoy some camping above the Virginia City Cemetery on a very warm and beautiful night. We stayed at the Virginia City RV Park and didn't even bother to take any food with us — eating instead at the Cafe del Rio for dinner and the Canvas CafĂ© for breakfast.

Virginia City is home to the Comstock Lode, the largest silver deposit in the history of the United States. The discovery of these deposits in the late 1850s grew Virginia City into one of the largest and most popular mining towns in the West. The American author, Mark Twain, also called Virginia City home for a time.

Now the small city is a historical monument and tourist area with the original wooden sidewalks, shopping, fun bars and a few restaurants. The residents are really colorful and the cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted in the world.Virginia City's hotels and bars have been featured on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures show.


  1. The Sunflower looks very clean after being out at Burning Man. How did it fair in the dust storms? How does one cook and eat in those conditions?

    1. The Sunflower did great. We keep her under a few awnings during the event and try to keep the doors closed as much as possible. It does take two or three washings to get all the dust off.

      We only really cook at Burning Man at night after the winds have died down. During the day we just snack on pre-made foods like hummus, veggies, tortillas, cheese, salami, etc. Cooking is really basic out there since the dust gets into everything. We usually just heat up some of our favorite foods purchased from local restaurants. We love Thai food and El Salvadorian pupusas. The dust this year was really bad, so eating was done quickly. :-)

    2. pupusas. Had to look that one up.
      As I attended several gatherings this summer I am developing a similar menu. More or less snacking all day and one bigger meal at night. Makes buying food for a trip simpler.
      Thanks again for the details.

  2. Hi Christina. I have been following your blog for some time now and love your trailer.

    If you don't mind the question, what brand/model is your trailer? My wife and I are currently looking for teardrops but are very particular in what the shape should look like. Yours is perfect. Hope to hear back. - Johnny

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