Pino Pi2010 Standy Trailer from Turkey

Okay U.S. manufacturers, listen up. These are the kind of trailers that a lot of American campers are looking for: a small standy with a kitchen that can be towed by nearly every vehicle. Is that too tall an order?

While the Pino Karavan is not a teardrop trailer, it allows campers to still sleep inside a minimalist space and cook out of the elements while still enjoying the outdoors, but currently it's only being built and sold in Turkey. The company makes larger trailers, but their Pi2010 is a wonderful design synonymous of the Knaus Schwalbennest —another European product.

The fiberglass Pi2010 is less than 900 lbs, 6 feet tall and about 5.5 feet in width and length. It's tiny, but inside is a small dinette that turns into a bed, a one burner stove and sink with a 12 volt pump, and a storage cabinet for a portable toilet.

The Pi2010 has some optional items like a 20 liter fresh water tank, exterior LED lighting, a propane heater, 12 volt cooler and the option for solar panels and a bike rack.

Photos by Pino Karavan


  1. Now that’s really interesting. The U.S. manufacturers better catch on quick or companies like this and others who recognize we all drive very small vehicles compared to cars of 35 years ago will run away with this market.
    Myself I like being outdoors but like to sleep inside something with hard sides and off the ground like in a trailer, not a tent. This units concept fits the bill. Also to cook indoors in bad weather is a plus all though I’d like an option of cooking outdoors whenever possible.
    I really like the awning/enclosure, a big plus :-)

  2. I saw something like this 15 years ago that was homemade. With a messed up backs getting in and out of a teardrop trailer is really hard for both of us to do, something like this would be a blessing to the North American market. There is even room for our Malamute. I have a feeling we would wake in the morning to find her cuddled up with us in the bed.