Why so many darn keys?

The Sunflower has two sets of keys on two sunflower themed key holders. That's a lot of keys! We always like to have two separate sets in case we lose one set which would be a slight disaster. This is because the various doors and functions on the trailer each have a key.

Here are the keys that we drag along with us on each camping trip:

1. Key for the two teardrop doors
2. Key for the galley door
3. Key for the coupler lock (which we always take with us to deter theft at the campsite)
4. Key for the trailer hitch lock (always use one of these when towing)
5. Two keys for the "bear proof" Yeti cooler lock

It's not the most streamlined way to go camping, but it seems like we have a lot of items that need to be locked up.


  1. Replies
    1. Those are another set of keys we need to keep track of. Don't get me started! :-)

  2. you should look at http://getkeysmart.com/ it will clean that key mess up.

  3. We have almost exactly the same setup, only the keychain is a multitool. :) BTW I'm not too familiar with Google+ but I tried to send a private post thanking you for this very fun and informative blog, but I'm not sure if it went through (?)

    1. Thank you so much Ellen. A multitool! That's a great idea.