Camping Takes Practice

At the beginning of the camping season, my husband and I seem to have to learn everything all over again. Over the winter, we get a little complacent when it comes to preparing for summer and fall camping and our first trip out into the wilderness is usually an experiment and an example of what not to do.

Camping actually takes some practice. You don't go out on your first camping trip as completely prepared, expert campers. Even if you are an expert camper. You make mistakes (like forgetting the propane tank connectors!), lose things, break things and forget things. Items coming out of winter storage are sometimes broken or need replacing and the teardrop trailer will sometimes need some repairs or updates.

On our first trip out this year, we had to make a stop at the big box store to pick up some of our favorite foods and coffee we had forgotten to pack, and we also decided to stock the teardrop sleeping area with some extra lamp batteries and extra headphones for the iPad. With each trip, we will be more prepared, but we will also find additional items that we could probably use on our trips.

Make your first camping trip of the season an easy trip close to your home, preferably close to a town. This will allow you to work out the kinks and run into a store for supplies. Also, be sure to bring a small notepad or your iPhone or iPod for making lists on what you will need to get or bring on your next camping trip. By the time summer is at its height, you will be an expert teardropper.

Photo by Laura Gilmore/Flickr


  1. My family has a saying when we are camping and discover we forgot something.

    "It's with the rice."

    One year we had a lot of rice dishes planned, but forgot the rice. It's been a family joke ever since.

    1. That story made me laugh out loud! That's typical of us too. We once forgot the propane tank when camping in the middle of nowhere and one time when backpack camping, my husband forgot his sleeping bag.

  2. Our fist trip was not close but was to an area we knew well.We had a dollar general a winn dixie and wal mart not far from our campground.We are firm belivers in a shake down trip.A shake down trip makes the rest of the season go a lot smoother.