Teardrop Trailer Spring Cleaning

Yay! It's spring and time for some teardrop camping. I'm heading off to the Dam Gathering in Northern California in a few days and need to get the Sunflower in shape. My teardrop spends most of the winter covered up with a Little Guy all-weather cover and usually needs a good cleaning in the spring. I also go through the closet to make sure we have the correct clothes for wherever we are going. I also unhook the battery from its trickle charger and install it back into the galley. On our first trip out, the tear gets run through the local car wash. I whipped up a small video of me cleaning the Sunflower for its first spring trip.


  1. Christina,
    Great to see how easy it is to get ready for the new year of camping!
    I'm thinking of designing a winter cover for my 1947 Tourette Teardrop for next winter. Are there any changes or additions to your Little Guy cover that you would recommend to someone who is making one from scratch?

    Really enjoy your blog and the positive nature of it. I've referred to it many times as I've been working on my own.


    1. Hi Todd. Thanks for the comment. Yes, when you design your own cover, create some zipper holes for the door(s). My cover doesn't have any access to the inside of the teardrop unless I take the whole thing off. If it's been snowy or it's windy...that's not so much fun.