Featured Teardrop: Trekker Trailers

Being a fan of small spaces (I also write for the Tiny House Blog), I try to keep up with what's going on in the tiny house and tiny trailer industry and I frequently check out the Tiny House Listings site to see what's for sale or rent. Currently on the site is a 5x10 teardrop trailer by Trekker Trailers. It is being sold for $7,900, but you can try before you buy.

The trailer is the company's current rental camper so you are welcome to try it before you buy it. It is a year old but Trekker will be giving the buyer a full one year warranty. The camper has a full size 3 layer memory foam mattress plus a bunk in the back for a child. The mattress can be rolled out of the way to allow for table and chairs. There is plenty of storage inside and out. The sink on the side is portable and hangs on the inside for travel. The galley is unusual in that it slides out from the side of the tear.

Trekker Trailers offers several trailer designs including the 650 lb. Simple Sleeper for $4,900 for a 4 foot wide model or $5,900 for a 5 foot wide model. The Simple Sleeper is designed to be towed by motorcycles or small cars. It has a rear cargo area for gear, can be fitted with A/C and have a drop down floor and a bed that can be folded into a couch. It does not have a galley.

Trekker also offers the Adam's Cabin for $5,900 which is an unfinished teardrop trailer that you can customize yourself. It's a 5x10 and weighs 1,000 lbs. You finish the lighting, cargo rack, interior and mattress area. The finished Adam's Cabin sells for $9,400.

Photos by Trekker Trailers

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