Teardrop Trailer Radio Show

Teardrop trailer fans now have their own radio show. Brooke Folk, a professional radio host has debuted TearDropTrailerRadio.com, a weekly radio show on TalkShoe. The show will cover everything about teardrop trailers including manufactured and home-built trailers, gatherings and tips and tricks from teardrop owners and listeners. This show is for veteran teardroppers and people still shopping around for their own trailer.

The first show was May 18th, 2013 and featured GoLittleGuy president Joe Kicos. Brooke will soon be getting his first teardrop trailer, a Little Guy 6 Wide Platform named "Angel". Brooke is also writing an ebook on the history of teardrop trailers.

The show will be broadcast every Saturday at 11 a.m. EST, but if you miss it you can listen online at any time or download the show for your portable device.

Listen to the first episode here.

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