Friday Teardrop Photo

This week I dropped the Sunflower off at an RV service station to get her ball bearings packed.

Why does she look like she's surrounded by hungry wolves?


  1. To the big guys she looks like a snack! :-)

  2. She's sad, cold, and lonely...

  3. Seeing her thru my "Carrs" glasses, Each of the trailers talking to each other.
    Flo, Sweetie you sure are cute.
    Whispering to each other, She's an icon, quick someone go get Doc, if it wasn't for her great grand parents we wouldn't even exist today.
    Ramon, Sunflower that is one fabulous paint job, you light up the whole parking lot.
    Matter, I knew your mother and your just as pretty as she was, Sunflower.
    Lightning, She's a precision machine designed to go Fast with outstanding aerodynamics.

  4. It's cause the big ones would eat up all your money!