Interview with Simply GO Campers

For a recent Do It Yourself RV post I interviewed several teardrop trailer rental companies. Dave of Simply GO Campers in San Juan Capistrano was kind to answer a few more questions about his company and love of camping for the Tiny Yellow Teardrop.

Photo by Rachel Antoun

How did you become interested in teardrop trailers?

I became interested in teardrops a few years ago after seeing one at a campground. I immediately thought they were awesome and have been talking about getting one ever since.

Why did you decide to go into the teardrop rental business?

My wife and I decided to go into the teardrop rental business because we love the outdoors and love the idea of having a business that encourages people to spend more time in nature. Teardrops were an easy choice because of the ease of traveling with them. Someone who has never towed or camped can easily rent one of our units and be camping with very little effort. Teardrops aren’t intimidating to tow or use, and they have a unique appeal to them because they are different than your typical camping set up.

Why did you decide to choose Little Guy teardrops?

When I started researching teardrops Little Guy was one of the top brands. I wanted teardrops that were professionally constructed and had a history of manufacturing. The more I’ve researched, the more I’ve found that to be true with the Little Guy brand.

What camping gear do you offer for your customers and what types of gear do you think go best with teardrop trailers?

One of our goals at Simply GO Campers is to encourage people who are new to camping to get out there and give it a try. With that in mind, we know that new campers aren’t necessarily going to have all the gear that you might want for a camping trip. The gear we have available includes the basics: sheets, sleeping bags, chairs, and a full camp kitchen box (camp stove, pots, dishes, silverware, dish washing supplies, etc.). We are also open to providing additional gear as needed to make our customers as comfortable as possible.

A few products we personally love to use are our dutch oven and cast iron skillet. My wife is amazing in the kitchen and just because we are camping doesn’t mean we won’t be eating well. She loves finding new recipes to use while camping versus just eating the basic hot dogs and beans.

Photo by Rachel Antoun

What are the things that people should keep in mind when renting a teardrop trailer?

People should keep in mind that they will now be towing a trailer so they need to make sure they know how to do that and the laws of the road. The actual towing part is not difficult, it's more of the actual being aware it's back there. One must keep from making too tight of turns and speeding. Here in California, people towing must go 55 mph and are limited to the left two lanes only.

The other thing to keep in mind is to make sure your campground will allow a trailer in your site. Most campgrounds are ok with this but if you are in a  specific "tent only" site that can cause some problems. So always check with your campground that you are able to bring your trailer.

Other than those two minor things be ready to have a blast!

Photos courtesy of Simply GO Campers


  1. California rules for trailers= Right lane for 2 lane roads and 2 right lanes on 4 lane roads. On 3 lane roads you can use the middle lane for passing. Just got back from the Mt. Shasta area and had a great time in my Moby XTR named STAR DROP.