Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rent a Teardrop Trailer

If you have fallen in love with teardrop trailers, but you don't want to commit yet to purchasing or building one, you can always rent one of the tiny campers. My first suggestion would be to make friends with a teardrop owner and offer to pay them to take their trailer out on a short camping trip. This will not only give you some experience with towing and sleeping in a teardrop, but you will make another friend who can give you some valuable advice.

There are several companies around the U.S. where you can rent a teardrop trailer for your next wilderness excursion. I'm surprised there are not more companies or individuals around who are willing to rent out their trailers. However, there have been some discussions on the teardrop forums that these types of trailers are very personal to their owners (especially if they were lovingly built from scratch) and owners are reluctant to part with their babies. So if you can't find someone in your local area who is willing to share, check out these rental teardrops:

Missouri Teardrop Trailers (Missouri)

Missouri Teardrop Trailers in Centerview, Missouri have two 5x10 Silver Shadow teardrops that they rent for $350 per week. There is a two night minimum ($75 per night) and they come with bedding, but no pillowcases.

Vacations in a Can (Northern California)

Vacations in a Can have become semi-famous since their teardrop trailer was featured on the cover of Sunset Magazine. This Penngrove, California company rents out three teardrops: the Chili Pepper, the Can ‘em Danno and the L’il Bear.  Each trailer sleeps two adults and includes everything from blankets, sheets and towels to a stove, pots and pans and a coffee maker.

Links Teardrop Rentals (Orange County, California)

This company in Southern California rents out a Little Guy 5-Wide and a Little Guy Deluxe. The Little Guy trailers rent for $155 for a 2-night minimum (April through October) and $65 for each additional night or $125 for a 2-night minimum (November through March) and $55 for each additional night.

Colorado Vintage Camping (Aspen)

This company in Aspen, Colorado rents out a beautiful Woody teardrop for $149 for a two-night minimum May through September with an additional $99 for each night; for October through April for $99 for a two-night minimum with an additional $89 for each night. They have a 20 percent discount for six or more consecutive nights and the prices include delivery and set up concierge service.

Little Guy Trailers (San Diego)

This dealer of Little Guy trailers in San Diego will rent out a Little Guy teardrop for $380 per week with extra days for $50 a day. There is a $1,000 deposit to rent one of their rigs.

PB  Teardrop (San Diego)

Charles of PB Teardrops has a 2011 teardrop trailer for rent. It costs $225 for 3 nights and $50 each additional night with a $500 deposit and a $25 cleaning fee. Advance reservations requested but not required. Call Charles at (858) 272-2520 for availability.

Old School Teardrop (Goodyear, Arizona)

This rental company rents Little Guy teardrop trailers for $380 a week and $180 for the weekend. They provide bedding and towels but no stove or propane. There is a 500 security deposit required. Read about Wilderness Dave's experience with renting from Old School Teardrop.

Miller Trailer Sales (Perkasie, PA)

Miller Trailer Sales offer several types of trailer rentals. They have a 5x10 Little Guy Silver Shadow for $75 a day or $450 a week, a Little Guy 6-Wide Platform for $65 a day or $390 a week and a Little Guy T@G for $75 a day or $450 a week. Miller requires a one day deposit and a minimum three day rental on holiday weekends. You can order your trailer and make a deposit over the phone.

Top photo courtesy of Sunset Magazine and Vacations in a Can


  1. Christina,

    Please see for a blog on a self design/build, plus some photos.


    Note: I enjoy your blog and read it daily as posted.


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  3. Christina - Can you edit the post about Colorado Vintage Camping in Aspen - we can't offer the paid entrance to camp grounds as there is a law that requires the campground reservation to be in the actual person's name who is staying at the campground. We adjusted our prices accordingly. We also now allow single night reservations. It is now $149 a night with $99 each additional night during the high season of May through September. Thanks for highlighting us on your blog!

    Chris Turek
    Colorado Vintage Camping

    1. Chris, thanks for the information and for reading the blog. I updated your rental prices.

  4. Christina,

    Please see



  5. These are so great. Excited to rent one in Washington State. Let me know if you hear any good recommendations.

    1. Hi JenT. I don't know of anyone specific in Washington State, but you can always see if a local Little Guy dealer will rent one to you.

  6. Please consider adding Old School Teardrop Rentals to your list.

    José R. Valenzuela

    1. Thanks José. I just saw your site on Wilderness Dave and will add it to my list.

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  8. These are so cute! I would love to find a trailer rental like this in Seattle... Do you think that would offer ones like that?

  9. I just wanted to mention that my wife and I started our own business here in Southern California (Orange County) and it's called Links Teardrop Rentals.
    We don't have a website up just yet but we have a Facebook page and we have 3-models available for rent currently.

    1. We would love to have a photo up and some info on our business on your blog here to help people with finding us.
      Let me know if you need any further info.
      Charles Link

    2. Hello Christina, I was wondering if you could update our description on our business if you could.
      We Sold the Cozy Cruiser teardrop and decided to offer only Little Guy teardrops.
      I have a picture on our Facebook page of both Little Guy Deluxe and Little Guy Five Wide side by side that would make a great cover image.
      So just updating basically that we have the 2 Little Guy teardrops and the prices on them are still the same, just no Cozy Cruiser.:)
      Thank you so much

    3. Thank you for taking the time to remove the Cozy Cruiser from our description.
      We are constantly updating our page and have decided on the name Links Teardrop Rentals as our permanent name but our link to our page has changed from the one above.
      Could you attach new link to our page?
      Here it is:

      Thank you for all your help
      Also if you could replace picture with the one of our 2 teardrops avail that's on our page :)

    4. Hi Christina! Hey just again want to say thank you again for placing our business on your page.
      I would love to have your email so I can contact you if any changes are made to our page as we grow
      Pathetic current update needed on your page in regards to our site is the prices.
      It is $155. For the 1st 2-nights and $65. Each additional currently for this season.
      So when you have a chance if you can update it again :)
      Very appreciated :)
      Thank you so much!

  10. Pretty cool. Anyone know of rentals in the New England area? Really like the look of these and want to test sleep one.


    1. I'm sorry this took me a while jmeg. I will be updating this post with additional renters who have appeared over the past few months.

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  12. Can my 2013 4cyl Honda Civic EX tow a tear drop?

    1. It should. Check the tow weight capability of your vehicle model and look for a teardrop under that weight.

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