What is the worst storm you've been in?

Because of their small size and exterior kitchen, teardrop trailers do best in fair weather. We have been camping in some inclement weather over the years, but nothing like what the KombiLife crew went through in Mexico in a VW bus. If you have not been following the VW adventures of Ben, Alaska and Co'Pito, check them out.

We have been in two bad storms in the teardrop trailer. One was a wind and lightning storm in Death Valley that kicked up dust and illuminated the mountain peaks with bright flashes. It lasted way into the morning when we woke up to birds singing.

We also camped for three days in the pouring rain during a teardrop trailer rally in Northern California. Known as the Dam Gathering, it was coined "The Damp Gathering" by the teardroppers who survived it.

Many storms can come without a moment's notice, so setting up in a protected area or quickly stashing away items that can be destroyed is helpful. The best way to make it through a storm in a teardrop trailer is to have plenty of entertainment. We have a good selection of movies downloaded onto our tablets, games and books.

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  1. My trip to Merlefest last weekend was the first hard rain I have been in with my teardrop. It did very well and I stayed dry inside during the rain that lasted all night and into mid morning before clearing up. My canopy had a couple of leaks in the middle and fortunately there was no wind or lightning. I wondered how safe I would be if there was lightning. The best move I made was to rig a patio umbrella over my doorway so I could get in and out without letting rain get to my bedding. Merlefest, I am told always has some rain this time of year so I came prepared for any weather. Weather patterns are more unpredictable that close the mountains.