Teardrop Trailer Systems and Modules

I don't want to get too technical here, but after years of teardrop camping, I've figured out the most efficient and enjoyable way to camp: systems and modules.

A system is a defined and regular set of steps to accomplish an end goal (think of your digestive system). Regularly completing those steps in order tends to become second nature and accomplishes the end goal more quickly. A module is a standardized set of units that combine to create a more complex structure. Modules can be used in everything from architecture to web design.

Both these concepts can be used in teardrop camping. Everything from packing the car to food storage and cooking — systems and modules can be set up to make a camping experience more efficient and fun. These are just a few ways we have systemized and modulized our teardrop trailer camping experience (Ugh! I sound like a corporate manual):


1. We pack the car the same way each time. Items that need to be accessed right away at camp (work gloves, wheel chocks) are closer to the door and personal items (backpacks, purses) are closer to the driver's and passenger seats.

2. Our sink system (vacuum pot, sinks, dish soap, sponge) is set up the same way each time on a campground picnic table.

3. After every gas or restaurant stop, we do a check of the hitch system, the teardrop trailer doors and the tires.


1. All our cooking oils and spices are located in a small blue box in the galley. While cooking, we just grab the entire box.

2. Our shower system is located in one easy-to-grab bag that fits right behind the driver's seat.

3. We have a portable toilet kit that contains everything you need for a trip to a pit toilet.


  1. We pack very much the way you do. We don't have the box for the oils, and that's a good idea. Everything goes in the same place each time so we know just where it is. It always throws me off when something gets packed in a different spot!

    1. LOL...I think I have a moderate case of OCD. I also get thrown off if something is not packed correctly. I really dislike looking for things.,

  2. I made the mistake of not checking the hitch pin after every stop. Boat and trailer went off of their own. Really lucked out as they stayed upright, gently exited the highway at 65 mph and settled in a ditch. Very little damage, just some straps and a trailer wire. Really lucked out and you can bet I check that stuff from now on.