Inspired Camping Website

Glamping has not only become an accepted and desirable form of camping, but it can also become your next job. Many people are making money by opening up glamping options on their land with teardrop trailers, safari tents, tree houses or vintage campers.

The website, Inspired Camping, has some great ideas and information on how to become a glamping expert as well as how to become a glamping and camping business owner. Inspired Camping's owner, Sarah Riley, offers an online course on how to open your own glamping business. She covers everything from market trends, certifications and laws, competition and branding.

Her website also covers these fun topics about glamping:

Want to Ditch the Rat Race for Camping and Glamping?
Boutique Camping with an Eco Twist
Glamping in a Camper Van
Glamping Weddings
Cheeky Campsite Cocktails

The website, unfortunately, is missing some seriously cute teardrop trailers, but can you imagine a glamping park full of them with a lovely community fire pit?

Photos by Inspired Camping


  1. We would have to tax the daylights out of it here in Connecticut. Bet it would work in Nevada.

    1. That's what I've heard about many of the states in the northeast. California is the same.

  2. I love the idea of glamping and teardrop trailers, saves both the time and the money. If you want to surprise a person that is important to you and you know that camping is their pasion, a teardrop trailer is one of the best gifts you can think of. For more camping gify ideas, I suggest checking out this article I found on the web:

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