Tiny Camper in Lithuania

Teardrops seem to be one of the most internationally recognized camping trailers, but they still attract attention (as you can see from the excited crowd below). Eugenijus Jusas lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and built his own trailer to visit nearby countries. He's also planning to open up his own business building and selling his Tiny camper design in Lithuania.

How did you become interested in building teardrop trailers?

I built the teardrop trailer because I wanted something new for travels. In the past we've traveled by plane to other countries. A few months ago we drove to Croatia. This was our first car trip ever! When I found this type of trailer I liked the shape, size, and simplicity. I could not find any around our home or they were very expensive, so I built it myself. I like carpentry, so I didn't run into any problems.

What are the specifications of your trailer?

My trailer empty weight is 560kg (1,234 lb) and it's mounted on a 5x8 foot trailer frame. It cost approximately $4,000 to build. NOTE: Eugenijus is working with a local company to create his trailer, so he did not want to disclose his complete costs.

What do you feel makes the Tiny Camper unique?

My wife is very excited when we go camping. Sleeping in the trailer is amazing, and she is able to relax better inside the trailer than in our small apartment! Birds are chirping and trees are rustling. It's a wonderful feeling.

We both like small stuff, so the camper is small. :-) Sometimes we have a friendly argument over who gets to make breakfast. We both love the outdoor kitchen with its wide wooden countertop, gas stove and the 24 liter fridge.

Where do you like to go camping?

After a trip to Croatia, we want to spend some weekends visiting other countries, cities and spend time near lakes.

Photos courtesy of Tiny camper/Facebook


  1. Exactly like the 9ne we are wanting to build! Beautiful..can you please give us some tips that may help us with our first build?
    Mike and Antoinette

    1. Hi Mike. You might want to ask the pros on the Teardrops and Tiny Travel Trailers (TNTTT) forum. They can help you with every aspect of your build.

  2. I was thinking it would be a great idea to bring teardrop trailers to the Lithuanian market. There are over 170 commercial camps to take it to in Lithuania and with their little cars it is something they can pull. I see storage as the issue. Where do people store them so they are not stolen. Not many have garages. Also do people have the money to buy them. I was thinking to keep cost low build a computerized router to to cut the parts. High taxes and regulations is another problem in Lithuania. Any thoughts???