Rent a Teardrop Trailer Map

Two of the most popular posts on the Tiny Yellow Teardrop are the Rent a Teardrop Trailer and More Teardrop Trailer Rentals posts. I recently created an interactive map of teardrop trailer rental locations around North America with Map Your List. I will continue to add new teardrop rental opportunities in the future.

This map does not include individuals who may rent out their personal teardrop trailers. If you are an independent renter and would like to be on this map, let me know by commenting below. Don't worry...not all the teardrop rentals are hot pink.


  1. Hi Christina, here is our rental company that started up in the Spring of 2014:
    Name: Pasadena Teardrop Rentals
    Location: Sierra Madre, CA 91024
    Prices: $250/ 3-nights
    Teardrops: Handmade teardrops by Sierra Madre Teardrop Trailers

    1. Thanks Matt. I will get this up on the map and my listings.