Friday Teardrop Photo

Did you know there is both a Nice, California and a Cool, California?
California is so nice and cool and the Sunflower has been to both of these small towns.


  1. I think California invented cool.
    I am looking for a box for the front of my rig. What can you tell me about yours? Does the added weight make pushing the trailer more difficult when it's off the hitch? Or can you tell the difference? And, of course, where did you purchase it?

    1. I think California invented the word too. Actually the box is our Yeti bear-proof ice chest. It's attached to the front platform with some ratchet straps. It's not much more difficult to push or move around the tongue unless it's full of food and ice. We purchased it from a local Sportsman's Warehouse store.

    2. Thanks for the info, Christina.