Featured Teardrop: Conquerer Australia

The Conquerer Australia brand of camping trailers are not technically teardrops, but they sure are bad ass. These tough, rugged trailers that open up like a Swiss Army knife would be the perfect type of off-road teardrop owned by Crocodile Dundee or Tank Girl.

The Australian range of Urban Escape Vehicles (UEVs) come in six different models and have amenities like independent suspension systems, large hot water systems, storage and queen-sized beds and have virtually zero set up time. Smaller versions like the UEV-310 and the UEV-330 have a roof-top tent and bed space, awnings with side walls, slide out kitchens with a sink, stove and storage drawers as well as a slide out refrigerator and freezer. They even have a small bathroom with a shower and clothes closet as well as hot and cold water. Each of the UEV's can be hooked up to solar power and have extra fuel and propane canisters for longer treks.

The larger Conquerer brands like the UEV-440 have all the same amenities including a hard roof, sides and a floor, space for couples or families, a diesel hot water system, interior heating, air-conditioning, microwave, shower, fridge/freezer, full kitchen complete with cutlery and crockery and even a flat screen DVD player. Each of the UEV's are shown on the website as hacking it in mud, water, rocky locations, dirt roads and in the middle of the Aussie bush.

These campers are not cheap. The UEV-440 sells for around $50,000 AUD ($47,000 US) and they are currently only sold in Australia. However, I do have an itch to go Mad Max all over the outback in one of these bad boys.

Photos by Conquerer Australia


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