Teardrop Trailer Trash

When we go camping, we tend to rely a lot on convenience food for our meals. We love those Bisquick Shake n' Pour bottles of pancake mix, cans of veggies, packaged tortillas and lots and lots of Ziploc bags. Not to mention the copious amounts of beer and wine we tend to drink. Unfortunately after all our cooking and eating, we end up with a lot of camping trash that needs to be tossed in a campground Dumpster.

If we are boondocking, we do take our trash and recyclables back home to put in the appropriate receptacles, but many campgrounds don't have recycle bins and we are forced to dump our cans and bottles in the trash or look for a public or local recycling facility. This is normally not something we want to do while on vacation.

I've tried to become more conscientious about our camping trash and will use plastic containers to store food instead of Ziploc bags, or we will wash and re-use the bags while washing our camping dishes. I will also ask a local or a park ranger where we can recycle our cans and bottles and will suggest that they need to add or update their campground recycling center. Also, to save on plastic bottles, we always have a Nalgene or Klean Kanteen with us in our packs and the teardrop trailer.

What do you do to reduce or recycle your teardrop trailer trash?

Photo by sweetheartsinner/etsy

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