Sisters on the Fly Teardrop Trailers

The Sisters on the Fly is a group of nearly 3,000 women who camp, fish, cook, drink wine, go horseback riding, kayaking and whitewater rafting all for the sake of fun in the outdoors. While the goal is to be outside, the main catalyst for bringing all these ladies together is their vintage or unique trailers. Each Sister (designated by a number) travels to various locations around the U.S. in a trailer that is sometimes painted and designed specifically for the Sisters' themes of outdoor living.

Of course, several of these adventurous women have teardrop trailers. Here are a few of these tiny trailers of the Sisters on the Fly.

Sister #2986: The Teardrop Inn

Sister #1559: Suzy-Q

Sister #2688: Doodlebug

Sister #2940: My Wild Thing

Sister #273: LakeDawg FishCamp "ManMagnet"

Sister #1408: Cupcake

Sister #1568: Moment's Notice

Sister #1562: Rise 'n Wine

If you are interested in becoming a Sister on the Fly, the membership cost is $60 a year and that allows you access to their forum, their event calendar, your own number and choices of various events around the country like Texas Trout Fest, Springtime in Temecula Wine Country and Dutch Oven Divas.

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