Camping Podcasts

In these cold winter months when I am not able to go camping in my teardrop, I'll get my camping fix by listening to or watching various camping or RV podcasts on my iPhone. Unfortunately, there are no teardrop trailer podcasts (a hint to all those audio experts out there), but there are a few informative and professional podcasts available on iTunes for camping buffs.

My personal favorites are the following:

Living the RV Dream

John and Kathy are full-time RV'ers living out of a Class C motorcoach. They've been traveling around the country for eight years and give tips on living and making money on the road, campgrounds, places to see and gear recommendations.

In the Field Camping Podcast

I've just started listening to this podcast, but I love that it's being recorded on-site in various campgrounds. Chris Rodriguez gives information on campgrounds, equipment, camping tech and tips and personal camping stories.

The VAP — Vintage Airstream Podcast

This podcast is for the ultimate Airstream fan. The VAP discusses trailer purchasing, repairs, restoration, camping and campgrounds. The hosts are funny, but can go off on rants or rambles sometimes.

Camping Gear TV

This video podcast series (completed) shows the latest in camping gear and the hosts do interviews with camping experts. The hosts are a bit goofy, but they show some interesting gear that you never knew existed.

Backpacking Light Podcast

These have not been updated for a few years, but they give some great information on backpacking and hiking gear, places to go, living lightly on the land and professional advice.

Podcasts from the National Park Service

These podcasts on various national parks (Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Badlands, Yellowstone, etc.) are video podcasts about certain features, amenities and campgrounds put on by the NPS. They are short but informative.

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  1. Nope, you're wrong! There's Teardrop Trailer Radio done by Brooke Folk. It's published weekly and I listen to it once a week. They don't seem to stack up on my iPod. Here's the link: And no, I'm not affiliated with him, just a fan. - Tony Latham

    1. Thanks Tony. I wrote this podcast post before Brooke's radio show came out. I've actually been on his show twice.