Campsite Photos

Have you ever wanted to get a detailed view of a campground or campsite before you went camping? Before you pack up your teardrop, visit Campsite, find your chosen campground and get a view of the perfect campsite before you even get into the car. It's a nice way to see if a site has shade for the summer, sunshine for the cooler seasons, a picnic table and fire pit, a view or privacy.

The website covers both public and private campgrounds around the U.S. and there are articles on camping resources, national parks, RV gear, photography and nature.

If you are an avid camper, you might even get paid for your campsite photos. Campsite Photos will pay a certain amount per campground for clear photos of each campsite and other photos of the surrounding area. Contact the website and tell them what campgrounds you are most likely to visit and they will let you know what they need. Once you become a Campsite Photos photographer, you will get a cool t-shirt and some business cards to give to your fellow campers.

Photo courtesy of Campsite

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