Away for awhile...

I'm sorry I missed a few days of posting. I was doing some traveling and during that time our area had a terrible forest fire that burned over 20 homes. Things are okay now, but they were sketchy for a while. The worst thing? My husband and I were out of town and couldn't do anything about it.

Photo by RGJ

I'm going to refer to a post I wrote in 2012 about another nearby fire that we did witness and used our teardrop trailer to help with evacuation: The Teardrop Trailer in an Emergency.

We can evacuate in less than an hour with the teardrop since it already has clothes, food, water and other necessities already packed inside. However, what if you can't get to your trailer? We have some wonderful neighbors that can help grab our animals and important papers, and they might be able to save Sunflower as well.

If you have people who you can depend on, they might be able to save your camper from fires, floods, hurricanes, etc. They will need to know where the keys are and how to unlock any hitch locks. They will also need to have a vehicle with a ball hitch in order to get your teardrop to a safe location.

If they are unable to save it and are required to evacuate, you might have to consider your teardrop a complete loss. Before anything like this happens, be sure you have insurance on your trailer.

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