Pleasant Valley Splits from Little Guy; Becomes nüCamp

Many of you might know that my teardrop trailer was built by the Ohio-based Pleasant Valley company when they were an independent business. For the past few years they have been manufacturing teardrop trailers, like the popular Silver Shadow, for Little Guy Worldwide. Last spring Pleasant Valley decided to split from Little Guy and become their own company, nüCamp RV.

nüCamp RV, who already features the Cirrus Truck Camper, will be building a sleek, new T@B design and will continue to manufacture their popular style of teardrop trailer. nüCamp expects to build more than 3,500 campers this year and has increased their manufacturing facility in Sugarcreek, Ohio by an additional 91,000 feet.

“We employ some of the most highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen in the world, and their continued dedication to quality is renowned in the industry," Scott Hubble, nüCamp RV CEO says. "This is our second plant expansion in three years, and we continue to manage this growth through a dedication to the core principles upon which our company was founded.”

In September, nüCamp revealed their latest design: the T@B 400 prototype. The trailer is full of amenities like a bathroom, more headroom, a closet and separate eating and sleeping spaces—all within 2,300-2,600 lb. What's awesome about this design is that it is similar to the European versions that we've been wanted to come over to the U.S.

Photos by nüCamp

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