How do you keep the teardrop clean?

Spring begins tomorrow (already!) and thoughts of late spring and summer teardrop trips are on our mind. I'm planning on taking the cover off this weekend and getting the Sunflower cleaned up and geared up for her next trip. I already did a thorough cleaning of the trailer in the fall, but the trailer can get a little musty after a long winter.

I posted a spring cleaning video last year to show how I clean up the trailer, but people have asked us how we keep it clean when we are out camping. The outdoors is not the most sanitary of places. I'm kind of picky about keeping the trailer clean while out in the woods and chastise my husband when he tracks dirt and pine needles into our bed. So, here are a few things I do to ensure a clean camp.

Put down rugs

We have a few, small rugs that we put by each of the teardrop trailer doors. This is where we take off our shoes and wipe off our feet before getting into the teardrop trailer bed. You can also put a larger area rug in the galley area. We shake them out regularly.

Clean as you go

Don't leave behind a mess. Clean it up as soon as you make it. I'm always wiping down and cleaning down the trailer galley, the door frames and the rest of our camp. Not only does it make camp look nicer, but it keeps away critters.

Do regular "stuff" assessments

I keep a notepad in the teardrop trailer for jotting down notes, and some of those notes include hints on what items got in the way during the trip. We regularly assess the items we bring with us and get rid of them after a trip if we found out they got in our way or were extraneous.

Make the bed every day

Even though you are on vacation while teardropping, make your bed every day. Each morning I shake out our sheets and blankets and make the bed. This ensures that random clothing items and books don't end up lost in the bed and it removes detritus that we dragged in the night before. I also keep a smaller blanket around for throwing on top of our regular cover, and this is where we sit or lie down during the day. It gets removed at night along with any dirt and leaves.


  1. I can thank my daughter for suggesting that I take along a lint roller on my maiden voyage in my teardrop. Although I was very careful to put my shoes in a box up on the shelf and use a tea towel to protect my covers if I were doing a bit of snacking indoors, I found that the roller was just the ticket to pick up crumbs or gravel that always jumped onto the covers. Also, not all lint rollers are created equal. You might do a little comparison shopping for the stickiest models.